Community & Social Responsibilty

Magma E & P is committed to protecting the health and safety of all stakeholders in our operations. Wherever we operate or on behalf of our clients, we will conduct our business with respect and care for the people and the environment, and systematically manage risks to drive sustainable business growth. We will pursue with vigour the elimination of all injuries, occupational illnesses, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our activities.
Quality assurance is a fundamental component of our guiding policies for commercial success. Magma E&P will carry out its activities according to world standards. The Company is totally committed to maintaining and constantly improving its Quality Management System and shall ensure adequate resources are allocated to this. The Company shall ensure compliance to legal and statutory requirements and to ensure all service providers operate in like manner. Will ensure quality control and quality assurance requirements for vendor executed activities are well defined and reviewed periodically. Establish a coaching and mentoring scheme for a total development of maintenance personnel. Magma E & P will develop and deploy maintenance standards, strategy and guidelines to govern the execution of maintenance activities in the company and carry out periodic reviews for continued relevance and effectiveness.

Magma E & P will be developing a strong community relations as an integral part of its business plan.
We will be reliable social and economic player and contribute very significantly to the community
economic indices , working hand-in-hand with governments at all level,businesses,NGOs and communities alike , to support them in developing their capabilities.
Our Social Investment Policy is such that all Magma E & P community agreements,projects and donations will be managed through a negotiated " Memorandumof Understanding".

Magma E & P will fully identify with the host communities in all areas of our operation.As part of our social responsibility programme , company will make effort ti invest in community needed development projects that will enhance social cohesion such as the provision of water boreholes to supply portable water to the host communities where we operate.
We will provide youth employment, invest in building town halls,secondary school building projects,University and Secondary School scholarships, community assistance with Agricultural equipment, youths and women assistance to procure micro finance loans, among plans to partner with the host communities.

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